Lubbock Photography

If you’re a real estate agent looking for a dependable real estate photographer at an affordable price, look no further! We specialize in real estate photography. While some of work happens behind the camera, most of it happens behind the computer screen in post-processing. Using Adobe Lightroom, we bring the photos to life merging several exposures using HDR photography.

Real Estate Photography

Many real estate agents with small marketing budgets resort to using their phones to take photos, which looks terribly unprofessional. We are always willing to work with agents on their budgets. Photos are the main focus point of any listing and should be emphasized with professionalism. The goal is to get customers in the home and if they see terrible photos, they are going to keep scrolling.

We offer daytime and twilight packages that offer a different look and feel. Upscale homes with beautiful outdoor lighting really benefit from twilight photos to give it a sense of sophistication.

Typically we can deliver photos within a 24-48 hour period after the photo session is completed. Rush services are available if needed. Simply call or email us below to get your appointment scheduled.

We do dabble in personal photos such as outdoor family portraits and such if you’d like to inquire.