Lubbock Web Marketing

All small businesses need some form of web marketing. Facebook, Instagram, Google Ads and even how you present the information your website is a form of web marketing. When those various forms of online marketing are working in unison with a common vision and message, it increases your chance of obtaining new customers. So what kind of web marketing does your business need? It really varies on the type of business you run, budget and your target audience. Below are a few web marketing options your business may consider.

Social Media Marketing

Sometimes the best marketing is through social media through outlets such as Facebook and Instagram. Making sure you are pushing the right messages, following the right audience and using the right hashtags is huge in making sure you’re getting found. Using appealing photos that are eye catching or doing promotions such as giveaways help immensely in drawing attention to your business. Business owners don’t have time to keep up with the ever-changing social media trends – that’s our job. Let us handle posting content to your social media accounts and get back to running your business while we bring you more!

Email Marketing

Does your business have an email list? If not, you are missing out on an effective way to market to past and potential customers. Email lists are effective because you have unfettered communication with your target audience. Social media limits who can see your message. With email, you are in control of how often they see your marketing message. The money is in the email list. We have several strategies and experience in growing email lists.

Google Business Pages

If you’re a local business with a brick and mortar location, Google Business Pages are a must. Potential customers perform searches on Google: “plumber near me”, “lubbock plumber” – you get the idea. When doing the search it’s important that you have a business page setup so you have a chance at appearing for that free traffic. It’s important to have professional photos taken of your business and ask for customers for reviews! Positive reviews help and convince others to use your services.

Google Ads / PPC

Paid advertising is a great option in small market cities like Lubbock. You can leapfrog competitors in search results and get cheap bids on top spot ad placement. Google Ads, Facebook / Instagram Ads are a nice option for getting new customers. These platforms make it easy to track conversions, leads and see if your money is being well spent. Analyzing and refining ad campaigns is the name of the game. Your business can spend as little as $10 / day for new customers using PPC (pay per click) campaigns.

Every business is unique and needs different marketing strategies. Refining those strategies and deciding what approach is best for your business is what we do best. Send us an email or give us a call. Take advantage of our free consultation to see how we can give your business an edge over the competition.